summer (kisumihanii) wrote,

so yeah. i've forgotten everything concerning this and things are just weird now.

i suppose i'll have to give up soon and give my real life some weight. i can't touch my online life now, it's killing me, but i suppose i'll die faster if i keep pining for it.

i still love it, though. i suppose i just need to be more realistic.

love you guys. :D especially my best friends. and i guess everyone else. heh. just in case i can sneak a check :D i might not respond, sorry

consider this my goodbye. i'll probably not go on until...God knows. if you still love me, drop me your phone number and maybe when i can i'll give you a call, love. :D
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I still love you <3

But I don't think you'll want to be paying that phone bill if you call me =\
I finally remembered your Livejournal name! Now you're leaving. T_T I would give my number...but I don't want to pay the bill. X_x

But we'll still go to Japan together. ^_^ Don't for get me, cuz I shain't(sp?) forget you. lol. <3<3<3